Big Bore Productions - Boared to Death

In this film you will witness tough and unpredictable wild boar taken up-close and personal with some of the worlds' classic big bore firearms - 28 kills in all. Hunting in locations from the coastline of Central California to the Ozark foothills of Missouri for tenacious wild boar, the hunts are spot and stalk using classic double rifles and custom built bolt actions by Granite Mountain Arms.

See the deadly effects of the larger calibers ranging from the 450-400, .470 and .577 Nitro Express, and the classic big bore calibers - .350 H&H Magnum, .505 Gibbs all the way up to the new .585 GMA. Seeing is believing!

Big Bore Productions presents "Boared to Death" - A must have for any big bore enthusiast or pig hunter.